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Rhodia is shrouded in mystery. 


Since 2004, she has been appearing in and around theaters, but also in hospital waiting rooms, on the streets and train stations, in fields during summer and forests at night, in white museums and along the highways. Rhodia can be seen by making an appointment, paying for a ticket or getting a surprise. Most of the time Rhodia starts dancing to music because she likes engaging in festivities and having a good time, but sometimes she comes down to being a sole spontaneous enactment or a rumor left behind. 


She loves picking out lonely individuals and entertain them. Lately she has led several groups to unknown places and dark corners... 


We can join Rhodia to discover what the night hides from us. Walking, letting ourselves be guided, wearing headphones, band together with companions, watching eyes wide open, recognizing what is barely visible, is what Rhodia all about. Where does Rhodia feel best, where do she dwells? In the depths of memory. 

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